K B Patel College of Nursing
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Rules and Regulations
  • Every student will have to attend dasses and practical work regularly as per INC Requirements.
  • In case of illness, 8rmission shall have to be obtained from the Principal or Authorized In charged to remain absent from college.
  • Original certificates will be retained by the office of the Principal, College of nursing and the same will be returned at the time of leaving the college.
  • When a student head been found guilty o(bceach of discipline within or outside . The premises of the Institution or persistent idleness or mis-conduct, the Head of the institution may according to nature and gravity of the offence-
    1. Suspend such student from attending classes a week at a time or
    2. Expel such a student form the institute or
    3. Rusticate such a student.
  • College authorities, hostel in charge, hospital will not be held responsible if any students try to attempt or commit any kind of suicide, unnatural act, within the college campus or outside.
  • Each student must have minimum of 80% attendance in theory & 100% in field work for appearing at University Examination.
  • Medical expenses of the student will be by themselves only. Local guardian! parents will bear the entire cost and responsibility during sickness.
  • Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited within the college/hospital premises.
  • RAGGING is strictly prohibited in or outside the college campus. Those guilty will be Suspended/rusticated the college authorities.
The candidate admitted for studies are required to wear the uniform approved by the institute. If necessary the uniform can be changed any time by the management Rs. 2000/- towards to 2 sets uniform, one pair of shoes, 2 aprons, 2 pair socks, will be charged form the students (Optional)
Identity Card
Every Student of the college is bound to wear his/her identity card and has to follow instruction given in the identity card as well as prospectus.
  • All the gazetted holidays and the institution holidays will be observed by the college.
  • If the student is ill, the principal should be intimated immediately and a written application should be submitted on return from the period of absence on medical ground and medical certificate duly issued by the Govt. Doctor stating full particular of illness and treatment is to the submitted.
Each Student Shall Bring
Trunk, Umbrella, Plate-glass and spoon, Tiffin Carrier, One Blanket or Rajai, Mosquito Net, Mattress, 2-3 bed Sheets and pillow cases with pillow Torch, Bucket & Mug. Thermometer, Pens-Red, Blue, Black, Scissors, Packet Dictionary.
Rules for Students Resident in Hostels
  • Cloths are only to be washed in bathrooms.
  • Cooking is not permitted in the rooms.
  • Each resident will be held responsible for the cares of hostel property such as room furniture provided for their use.
  • Residents are advised to keep any valuable or cash under lock and key, and to lock their room when it is not in use for which the hostel in charge or college authority will not be responsible.
  • The college authorities reserve the right to enter and search residents rooms without notice their presence.
  • No electrical appliances are permitted in the rooms, apart from lights and fans and a radio/or Tape recorder. Lights and must be switched off when not in use. Radio and Tape recorders must be used in such away as not to disturb other residents.
  • All visits must take place in the Visitor’s room only.
  • No visitor shall enter the gate to the Female Hostel without the specific permission on the warden or the principle. Permission to leave will be granted to students by the principle on receipt of a written request routed through the class teacher and gMng at leas3’.1]_ - :0] In cash whero ergency leave in needed, the ibe approached.
In case of any dispute, decision of the Founder Trustee will be final and territorial jurisdiction pursuing shall be limited to Durg (C.G.) only.
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